Baby’s First Road Trip!

This past weekend, we went to BlogHer 14 with Sam. I wrote about it from a business standpoint on my other site.

Sam was a dream on the ride (about 2.5 hours). He didn’t throw a fit one time, which is always nice on long trips. We had a lot of milk too, so we were able to bottle feed him while on the road, which was really nice.


He didn’t do this the whole way there, but close!

Sam was a charmer from the first person he met through the last! Upon check-in at the Marriott, we were upgraded to a suite by a wonderful woman. She was a mom and knew that having extra space with kids is nice.

Also, she knew Sam would prefer the king-sized bed.


As would I…

Sam and Me

As would all of us!


We brought Sam to the conference’s expo hall on the first night, and he was a hit to say the least! What’s even better is that he was a little angel the whole time. He never cried and was just looking around the whole time. We went back to the room and realized we were super hungry. We got room service, which cost an ungodly amount of money, but it was so worth it at the time.


My parents were kind enough to come for the 2nd day to watch Sam as Katie and I really dug into the conference. I won’t say it was nice without Sam, because we missed him! We were able to get a little bit more done though. We did bring him to meet with Andrea of Savvy Sassy Moms though. Katie writes for her site and she really wanted to meet the little guy!

It was cool meeting her and a few other bloggers we know. It’s always nice to take blogging “offline” every now and then.

Sam had a breakdown with my parents that evening. He was apparently inconsolable. When we got back to the room from the conference, he had just calmed down. Katie fed him after a while and he proceeded to spit it all up. It was about 3x more spit-up than I have seen from him before. I thought, “oh no, he’s going to freak out again and we’re in for a rough night” but to my surprise, he fell asleep within about 10 minutes (this was around 10:30pm).

Are you ready for the best part? He stayed asleep for over 6 hours!! On what I considered the unlikeliest of nights, he slept the best! Crazy.

Do you want to know something else awesome?
The good sleeping has continued! In the past 5 nights, 3 of them have had stretches of over 6 hours!

We extended our stay an extra day to not rush ourselves. That was a great idea.


Heading out!

We were able to go to Mountain View on the way out and visit Google, LinkedIn and other tech headquarters.

Apparently we weren’t supposed to be there though. You see, there are seriously like 50 Google buildings in the area and apparently one is for the public to stop at and take pics and stuff. Luckily we had a cute baby with us, so the security people remained super nice.
Look at this map of the area (click to enlarge). Check out all of the Google buildings! Crazy.

main google
This isn’t even all of the buildings either. It also doesn’t show the Google soccer field! There are colorful bikes lying around at each building so the employees can easily get from one building to another if necessary. It’s seriously like a little village.

Oh and on the way to Google, we saw a pig on a leash in a residential neighborhood.

All in all it was a fun trip but we can’t wait to go on a relaxing trip as opposed to a work one where we are running around like crazy people for 3 days straight. So I guess we’ll have to take Sam to the beach sometime soon!

He’s a Party Animal

Don't let this pic fool you.

Don’t let this pic fool you.

So we’ve been trying to get Sam into a routine lately. The one part of the routine that he doesn’t seem to agree with is the whole going to bed thing. We aim for 8:00-ish and prep him usually with a bath and then some reading in dim light.

Also, update: I must confess that we have been having success with the “dream feed” recently, although it was a battle for the first 2 months.

Here’s a timeline of what usually happens:
8:00 – we try to calm him and put him to bed
8:05 – he looks at us and smiles, as if you say “you wish”
8:10 – he seems fairly calm so we put him to bed and walk away, hoping he will fall asleep.
8:15 – silence! OMG he is asleep!
8:45 – light fussing and crying… “was that a cat?” louder crying… “nope, that was Sam”
9:00 – Sam is fully awake and will not respond to rocking and shushing in an attempt to get him back to sleep.

See everything above? Repeat that 2 more times. That is how it’s been going with that.

My thought is that he really just wants to hang out with us. Generally, when he’s crying, if we just get him and bring him out with us, he’s all good and even smiley. Now, of course the ultimate goal would be for the routine to work, but it’s hard to get frustrated with a smiling little baby who just wants to have a good time!

The good news is that once he is asleep for the night (around 11:00 or so) he has been sleeping well. An average night will have us up twice between midnight and 7:30-ish. In the beginning, we were up 5 times in that same time frame, so this is quite an improvement!

Last week Sam turned 3-months old!
2014-07-11 20.52.26
See that hooded blanket? My aunt made it for Sam! We love it (as does Sam) and handmade things really are the best!

To celebrate, we got Sam a new playmat! Well, really we just happened to find it on clearance for half price at Target so we grabbed it.


He loves it! For about 20-30 minutes. Then he loses interest, but that’s the case with anything except mom at this age. He could stare at his mommy for hours. I get that. I do it too. :)

Next week, Katie and I will be heading to BlogHer 2014 and are bringing Sam with us! My parents are graciously coming along with us to watch Sam for a day so we can focus on the conference. The second day though, we are bringing that little charmer to the expo hall so he can make some friends!

I’m a little nervous about how he will sleep in the hotel, but it’s only 2 nights so it can only be so bad, right?

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