A Bedtime Routine that Works!

I’m happy to report that sleeping has improved for everyone!

Sam turned exactly 4-months old yesterday and we now get a 6-7 hours stretch of sleep from him about 5 times per week! While we should probably be sleeping like Sam is, we use a good portion of this time for “our time”.

We’ve been watching the TV show Revenge and really liking it. Next thing we know, it’s midnight and Sam has been sleeping for 3-4 hours already! We’re not too worried about it though, we know getting our time together is still very important.

Anyway, back to this sleeping. It’s quite an improvement! He actually started the major improvements on our trip to BlogHer14, which is odd since I would think sleep would have been worse then.

We’ve incorporated a bedtime routine, which we get started at around 7:00. Sam was in bed by about 7:30 or so. I say was, because he made the executive decision that 7:30 was too early for bedtime.

Sam would get up screaming at about 8:00-8:30 every day we tried this. I mean screaming. He has started to wake up from all of his daytime naps pretty peacefully and just chats for a while and maybe fusses a little. But this 8:00pm wake-up goes from zero to 120 decibels in about half a second. We spent the first several nights trying to calm him and put him back down. We literally couldn’t get out of the room before he was screaming. It basically boiled down to the fact that he just wanted to hang out with us. So we let him.

So now we get him ready for bed and realize that he will be napping for an hour or so. Then we get him up and feed him, let him hang out for a bit and put him back to bed. Usually, that 2nd time going down, he’s going to sleep for 6+ hours. And you know what? We’ll take that.

He also took a nap in his (and my) favorite spot recently.

Here’s Sam with my new Penny Board. I think he likes it!


Sam had his 4-month checkup today, which included 2 shots that he took like an absolute champ. He cried for maybe ten seconds. It’s bedtime now and he still has not cried again! Yay! Also, everything is perfect with him. he’s now 15 pounds, 4 ounces and has moved from the 20th percentile up to the 50th for height!

Up later this week, we’ve got a 50th wedding anniversary to go to, which involves a 2 hour (each way) road trip with Sam. Wish us luck! We’re excited for him to get to meet even more of the family though!


It really doesn’t get much cuter than that.

Those giggles marked the first intentional laughs from Sam. And he couldn’t get enough. They played for like half an hour straight and he laughed every single time!

I had a migraine the day he started laughing at the peek-a-boo game. Let me tell you – hearing those giggles made that migraine vanish pretty quickly!

That’s all for today!

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