Updates and the Best Night of Sleep Yet!

Sam has been having trouble going to bed at (or close) to his 7:00 goal bedtime. He’s been treating it as nap time and screaming if we try and leave him in there. We tried to calm him and rock him and all that jazz but it just wasn’t working. He generally is screaming, or he looks like this:
2014-08-14 17.33.43

Does this look like a baby that is interested in sleeping? Also, he appears to be outgrowing his cradle.

We came to the conclusion that he just really wants to hang out, so we’ve just been doing another round of feeding, hanging out and changing. Because, whatever works.

So needless to say, his bedtime for the past week has been around 10:00 or so. He’s still been sleeping okay once he gets to sleep, so it hasn’t been terrible.

So, that brings us to last night. He finally decided to wind down at around 10:30. After an episode of Revenge, Katie and I went to bed. This was around 11:45.

Upon entering the bedroom, Sam started screaming. This was not good. He had not done that this late yet, so we thought we were in for a rough night. Amazingly, I was able to calm him with some rocking and a pacifier.

We still weren’t optimistic. Until 5:30 am rolled around and he woke us up.

I said, “honey, it’s 5:30!!” and we celebrated.

Now, the trick was getting him back to sleep, since he’s decided on numerous occasions that 6 am is a great time to wake up.

Well, not only did he go back to sleep, he stayed asleep until 8:30! We slept from 11:45 until 8:30 with only ONE 15-minute interruption!! Amazing!

Sam is continuing to show major signs of development in the standing up and rolling over areas. His little personality is ever-growing too and we love it!

His first giggles started about a week ago.

He rolled over both ways this past week.
He’s even stopped screaming during bathtime!
bath towel

We took another road trip to a family reunion where Sam was perfect. He met new family members and was super mellow the whole time. There were some crazy little kids there too, and then there was Sam, who was perfectly content either in mom or dad’s arms for the 4 hours or so that we were there.

He even got to be in the cousin selfie!
2014-08-16 18.01.20

He only looks like he doesn’t care.

Our next challenge with Sam is getting him to the crib. As mentioned (and shown) at the top of this post, Sam is outgrowing his cradle quickly.

Moving Sam to the crib will be challenging for all parties. Neither Katie or I are ready to have Sam sleeping in a different room. But I guess he can’t sleep in our room until he starts college, right?

So anyway, this will be happening in the next week or so.

We’re all set up with a video baby monitor and will leave him with his white noise. Wish us luck!

In actuality, it will be really nice to have him in a separate room. We’re sneaking in and trying to be oh-so-quiet on a nightly basis and it’s stressful. Also, when he is napping in there, we basically just have to wait to get things we need or risk waking him up. You see, our house is old and the floors and doors make way too much noise to share a room with a sleeping baby.

So it will obviously be a very positive thing, but I don’t look forward the week that this happens.
Last month, I mentioned that we went to BlogHer in San Jose. Well, one of the brands that we connected with was Lysol. They set us up with some products that have been very useful.

I’d like to share them with you. One should stand out.

Basically, it’s just a more subtle scent to go with the standard Lysol disinfecting spray. But this isn’t just any old spray. This spray kills seemingly every germ and virus around in addition to mold and mildew, so we like it quite a bit.

We spray Sam’s diaper pail, his high chair, stroller, changing table and just about anything that gets funky.

The wipes pictured are your standard Lysol wipes, which come in handy a lot now. As does the Power & Free cleaner, which we love because it has hydrogen peroxide instead of harsh bleach. We now use that cleaner to clean our bathroom, since Sam bathes in there (we put his tub in our big tub). It also leaves a nice scent behind, rather than a highly chemical smell.

So thank you Lysol! And if you’ve got a little one, definitely check out their products to help make your life a little easier, and a lot cleaner.

Again, wish us luck as we try and get Sam sleeping in his own room!

A Bedtime Routine that Works!

I’m happy to report that sleeping has improved for everyone!

Sam turned exactly 4-months old yesterday and we now get a 6-7 hours stretch of sleep from him about 5 times per week! While we should probably be sleeping like Sam is, we use a good portion of this time for “our time”.

We’ve been watching the TV show Revenge and really liking it. Next thing we know, it’s midnight and Sam has been sleeping for 3-4 hours already! We’re not too worried about it though, we know getting our time together is still very important.

Anyway, back to this sleeping. It’s quite an improvement! He actually started the major improvements on our trip to BlogHer14, which is odd since I would think sleep would have been worse then.

We’ve incorporated a bedtime routine, which we get started at around 7:00. Sam was in bed by about 7:30 or so. I say was, because he made the executive decision that 7:30 was too early for bedtime.

Sam would get up screaming at about 8:00-8:30 every day we tried this. I mean screaming. He has started to wake up from all of his daytime naps pretty peacefully and just chats for a while and maybe fusses a little. But this 8:00pm wake-up goes from zero to 120 decibels in about half a second. We spent the first several nights trying to calm him and put him back down. We literally couldn’t get out of the room before he was screaming. It basically boiled down to the fact that he just wanted to hang out with us. So we let him.

So now we get him ready for bed and realize that he will be napping for an hour or so. Then we get him up and feed him, let him hang out for a bit and put him back to bed. Usually, that 2nd time going down, he’s going to sleep for 6+ hours. And you know what? We’ll take that.

He also took a nap in his (and my) favorite spot recently.

Here’s Sam with my new Penny Board. I think he likes it!


Sam had his 4-month checkup today, which included 2 shots that he took like an absolute champ. He cried for maybe ten seconds. It’s bedtime now and he still has not cried again! Yay! Also, everything is perfect with him. he’s now 15 pounds, 4 ounces and has moved from the 20th percentile up to the 50th for height!

Up later this week, we’ve got a 50th wedding anniversary to go to, which involves a 2 hour (each way) road trip with Sam. Wish us luck! We’re excited for him to get to meet even more of the family though!


It really doesn't get much cuter than that. Those giggles marked the first intentional laughs from Sam. And he couldn't get enough. They played for like half an hour straight and he laughed every single time! I had a migraine the day he started laughing at the peek-a-boo game. Let me tell you - hearing those giggles made that migraine vanish pretty quickly! That's all for today! … Read More...

Baby’s First Road Trip!


This past weekend, we went to BlogHer 14 with Sam. I wrote about it from a business standpoint on my other site. Sam was a dream on the ride (about 2.5 hours). He didn't throw a fit one time, which is always nice on long trips. We had a lot of milk too, so we were able to bottle feed him while on the road, which was really nice. He didn't do this the whole way there, but close! Sam was a charmer from the first person he met through the last! Upon check-in at the Marriott, we were upgraded to a suite … Read More...

He’s a Party Animal

Don't let this pic fool you.

So we've been trying to get Sam into a routine lately. The one part of the routine that he doesn't seem to agree with is the whole going to bed thing. We aim for 8:00-ish and prep him usually with a bath and then some reading in dim light. Also, update: I must confess that we have been having success with the "dream feed" recently, although it was a battle for the first 2 months. Here's a timeline of what usually happens: 8:00 - we try to calm him and put him to bed 8:05 - he looks at us and smiles, as … Read More...